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he company Chimiphar, created by Philippe Ducart, in 1973 at Pacé (near Rennes, France), has the aim to sale in France chemicals products, in pharmaceutical, veterinarian, and various processing industries.

It also intervenes in the food domains to supply additives and ingredients. This activity includes the storage, trading and manufacturing the non-toxic compositions used in these industries.

Chimiphar is a medium-sized company, light structure and competent. It has for will to make what the big groups cannot realize: adapted packaging, speed of delivery and formulation in the demand, while staying in the service and in the listening of its customers.


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Our various activities are shared in 6 departments :

  • Food industries
  • Cosmetics, fine chemistry
  • Human & veterinarian Pharmacy
  • Animal nutrition
  • Heat transfer fluids Clogel and coolants Chimigel
  • Blending (Manufacturing and customer's own packaging of unclassified mixtures)

 Partial vue of Warehouse

Chimiphar - 13 bd Nominoë
BP 54107 - 35741  Pacé
Phone : (33) 2 99 60 68 87
Fax : (33) 2 99 60 24 08

E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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